How many Apostles are there?

How many Apostles are there?

Although the name is probably based on the biblical term “the 12 Apostles”, it is unlikely the name refers to the number of rock stacks.  According to National Parks, the administrators of the Port Campbell National Park, the number of stacks that are typically thought of as ‘qualifying’ as an Apostle* is 13, eight of which can be seen from the main viewing platforms.

(*Though exactly what a stack has to do to “qualify” as an Apostle has never been clearly announced… perhaps having a reasonable appreciation of religion would help? Or maybe – seeing as they’re limestone pillars – the process of seafloor sedimentation and geology? Your guess is as good as anyones!)

Information for this post was predominantly sourced from, the official website of the Geelong Otway Region of the Great Ocean Road.

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