Editors note. The owners of the Port Campbell Hostel have provided really, really good accommodation for backpackers, budget travellers, folks within the Youth Adventure market and pretty much anyone else looking for an excellently priced Great Ocean Road accommodation experience for almost 30 years. (In fact, the collective knowledge of the people behind the business is now, literally, older than most of the guests who stay!)

Check-in time is from 4pm till 8:30pm

Over that time we’ve gained a very, very solid idea of the sorts of things you want to know about so… here they are – in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  1. What does FAQ mean? Frequently Asked Questions 
  2. How do I find the hostel in Port Campbell? Check out the map below
  3. Can I store my luggage in the hostel? Yes. Free Of Charge (FOC) – as long as you make suitable arrangements with hostel staff.
  4. I’m arriving into Port Campbell on the 9.45am (M, W, F) VLine bus, from Warrnambool. Can I check-in earlier than 5.00pm? Yes. Arrange this with hostel staff.
  5. What are your operating hours? Normally 8.00am-10.00am, then 5.00pm-8.00pm (during winter). Extended hours over summer.
  6. Do you provide linen? Yes.
  7. How far away are the 12 Apostles? 12 km 
  8. Is there a bus stop close to the hostel? Yes – about 150m south of the hostel, beside the Port Campbell Surf Life Saving Club
  9. Is there a Coles or Woolworths Supermarket in Port Campbell? No. But there is a small general store (hrs: 8.00am-7.00pm over winter. Extended hours over summer)
  10. Can you walk to the Twelve Apostles?  If you’re a seasoned walker yes. 
  11. Does the hostel provide breakfast? No. 
  12. Does the hostel provide a YHA discount? At this time, no.
  13. How far away is London Bridge? 7 km
  14. Can you walk to London Bridge? Yes, and many do.
  15. Are there any good walks around town? Yes – the Discovery walk. Along the cliff tops of Port Campbell Bay.
  16. What time does the local pub close? 1.00am for Monday-Saturday trade, and 11.00 on Sundays
  17. What sites would we recommend to see west of Port Campbell?  Peterborough and Surrounding local attractions
  18. I’m travelling to Port Campbell by car – how far is it from Melbourne? 5 Hours drive with out stopping at tourist sites. Be mindful that the Otways is a winding route try not to drive through at night. 290km / 180 miles on the Great Ocean Road.
  19. Where can I get a meal in Port Campbell? Port Campbell has many Restaurants as a local I patronize them all.
  20. Do we have a hair-dryer? Yes. 
  21. Do we rent towels to guests? Yes. $2.00/towel
  22. Do we have a guest laundry? Yes. $3.00 wash / $4.00 dry-cycle (normally, the tumble drier takes TWO loads of washing)
  23. Do you provide internet access? (And, how much does that cost?) Yes. FREE WiFi (for for first 1 hour)
  24. Do you have free WiFi? Yes we provide free WiFi.
  25. Can I print from the hostel’s internet computers? Yes. 20 cents/sheet.
  26. Is the hostel’s kitchen open all night? While power to our kitchen’s stove-tops and ovens automatically switches OFF every night at 10.30pm, it remains ON to all the rest of the kitchen amenities such as the ‘fridges, microwave oven and hot-water urn. Power to the main cooking amenities is switched back ON (upon request), to suit breakfast times.
  27. If I’m travelling with a group of five people, how can we gaurentee we all get to stay in the same room? The hostel endeavours to place group’s who’ve booked together into the same room, where we can (which is normally all the time). However, to guarantee what you’re asking for, book a six bed dorm, and pay for the (un-used) 6th bed. 
  28. What is your cancellation policy? See our booking terms and conditions.
  29. What do you mean by a basic double room? A room that provides  a king sized bed, with basic amenities in the room. The room provides privacy for two people, it is not as upmarket as a motel room.
  30. Do you have any rooms with their own private bathrooms? Yes our Family Rooms.
  31. What does an ensuite mean? Private bathroom, accessible only by and for those in a room.
  32. I’m not sure I’ll make it to the hostel before you close your reception. How can I get a late check-in? Simple: let us know you are going to arrive late, and we have a very well used late-check-in process. (But note – it requires you to provide us with your credit-card details. These are held securely, and only held to secure your booking.)
  33. Do you allow late check-outs? We operate a ‘fair-play’ philosophy about this. We need you to vacate your room by 10.00am on the day of your departure, and be ready to depart by that time. However, we also allow you to use our kitchen until 11.00am… but after that, we ask that you hop to it and get going on the next part of your Great Ocean Road adventure! (After all, what do you want to be hanging around a hostel for??? Get out there, people – there are plenty of things to see in this part of the world… the 12 Apostles. London Bridge. Loch Ard Gorge. The Arch. The Twelve Apostles (already said that…)
  34. Do you have female only dorm rooms? Yes, so long as we are provided adequate notice of this requirement.
  35. What is the difference between a double room, and a twin room? Double room provides 1 bed, which sleeps 2 people. A Twin room provides 2 single beds, sleeping 2 people.
  36. Do you have cheaper rates for children? Only for infants, when they’re staying with their parents either in a porta-cot, or in the bed with Mum and Dad.
  37. If I make an enquiry about booking acommodation by email, does that mean I have booked the accomodation? No. An enquiry is just that – you are asking questions about the hostel, c/- an email. 
  38. How do I book accomodation in your hostel? Check out this link.
  39. I am a member of the VIP network. Does this mean I can get a discount? No – unfortunately we are no longer affiliated with the VIP network.
  40. Can the hostel provide budget accommodation for a large family groups, if they wish to stay in the same room? Sure! We do this all the time, and are particularly popular with Indian and Asian families because of that. Simply contact the hostel (by phone is the best, to discuss your particular needs) and see what they can do to help.
Port Campbell Hostel Sow & Piglets Brewpub

The Port Campbell Hostel is proud to host the Sow & Piglets Microbrewery and Brewpub.

Why visit a brewery when you can stay in one?